Rad and Happy Undated Planner

Planner Sticker Set
Need more stickers? Stock up with this set of extras and get an additional 5 sheets of each design!
  • 39830 plannerstickers
  • Faux leather cover that wipes clean and feels magical when you hold it.
  • The perfect size of 5" x 8". Small enough to fit in your bag or lay out on your desk, but big enough to fit your busy life inside.
  • Stitched binding which allows it to lay completely flat. No obnoxious spirals getting in the way or death gripping the book against accidentally closing while you’re writing. Also holds up SO well with use, without pages falling out.
  • All black and white pages. No obnoxious colors that you get sick of halfway through the year. But what if color is your jam? Don’t have someone else decide what color your planner has in it. Use colorful pens, tape, and markers to add all your favorite colors and unique awesomeness.
  • A fill-in-yourself layout. Start your planner whenever you want. Don’t need a planner during the summer? Don’t waste a month of pages, and just pick up where you left off. Get sick of the planner you bought in December? Start in the middle of the year with no wasted pages. "But I don’t like my writing, and I’m worried it will make the fill-in-yourself design look bad??" The only thing you need to fill in is numbers! The weekly layout has a section where you mark the month and the date without having to write them in. And for the monthly spreads, there are bonus stickers in the back for your months!
  • Wait, stickers?! Yup! Two pages of freaking cute, colorful stickers.
  • Track habits, to-dos, meals, and things you need on your radar for the next week.
  • Color a rad full-spread pattern between each new month.
  • Start planning your week starting Monday. Because who plans their week Saturday night? Having Monday be the first day on your weekly layout lets you plan for your week Sunday night without having to go to the next week's layout to finish meal planning or scheduling for the week.
  • All topped off with a bright yellow satin ribbon place marker to keep your place and as a happy reminder that I think you are freaking rad.
  • 12-month planner
“I may have just been waiting for this moment my whole life. After collecting a ridiculous amount of planners over the years, I created one with everything in it that I have ever wanted / needed / loved. So here it is. The raddest and happiest planner of all time.”
- Tara
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