My Favorite Recent Amazon Finds

Guys.. Amazon has been really good to me lately. Something about fast shipping and a one stop shop for everything makes this mommas life incredibly happy. And I am bringing up my love to a whole new level with buying clothes from there. Hah! But nothing good is worth sharing if you can't share it right? So here is a ridiculously random round up of my favorite purchases recently. 

My new all time favorite dress:

This isn't a maternity dress, but it's everything you would ever want in a dress if your preggo or not. It's lightweight and flowy. Buttons all the way up the front (hello perfectly nursing friendly). Has an elastic waist that doesn't cut into your waist. And a super flattering sleeve length. It comes in a bunch of different patterns & colors, and I am tempted to buy a million of them because they are only around $24. #score! I am wearing a size small and ended up cutting off the front tassel things because they were purely decorative, and I didn't think they added anything to the dress. And for the first time in a long time, getting ready for church pregnant didn't make me depressed AND I don't have to say goodbye to it after I have my baby. 


A good non blinds option:

I don't even have a before photo because the blinds in this room were legit a embarrassing nightmare. They were those skinny cheep blinds that kids destroy in about 1.2 seconds. And we don't have room/ particularly enjoy curtains so I found the coolest alternative! These window clings took barely any time to put on, and it's insane how much better they make our room look. They still let in a lot of light so they won't work if you are looking for a blackout option. They provide the same privacy as curtains, and I love all the natural light flooding into my room at the same time. I also think this or this design could be a lot of fun. (basically if you don't understand the concept, you know those window clings they make for kids to play with on windows? Like stickers without adhesive? These are the same idea.)


Two of my all time favorite maternity dresses I have ever worn.

This one I legit wore all day and it was the most comfortable I have been since I got pregnant. And this one is much too cute to be as flattering and comfortable as it is. 

Smart Plugs:

So we have lights in the house without switches so I have to physically unplug them. Or my kids are always asking me to help them with their lamp. ( Hello rental problems right? Our whole house doesn't have hardly any lights installed anywhere.) So these things you plug into your plug,s and you can turn the switches on and off with your phone. You can also set them to go on at a certain time. So the kid's room light will turn on when the sun sets every night and it's one less thing I have to worry about. I know not everyone needs these, but for us, they have been a game changer. 


Beddy's Bedding: my thoughts after a month of use

I can't even handle how much I love this bedding and what a game changer it is. My two and four years old can make their own beds.. and it looks good.. AND they have bunk beds! All they have to do is zip it up and it turns into a perfectly made bed.

After about a month of use I thought I would check in and give you my final verdict on the bedding. 

Price: At first look, the price seems a little steep and that's one of the biggest hesitations I heard when people saw my initial video. Buuuut if you honestly buy a comforter, blanket, and fitted sheet from a trendy place like Land of Nod or what not, you are actually saving money. It is just all bundled into one price. Plus that Land of Nod comforter is going to look like a crumpled mess on that top bunk. :) I 100% think the price is right on the money and worth every single penny. 

How They Wash: So about a week after I received my glorious bedding, my kids got the stomach flu an threw up allllll over it. I was devastated and thought for sure we had ruined them. But after I washed them, I legit couldn't believe they looked as good as new and everything same right out without any issues at all. The minky on the inside didn't pill or stain or change whatsoever. They kept their shape and went back on as if nothing had happened. 

So my final verdict on this bedding is still a resounding YES!! They are every bit as amazing as you would hope they would be. They have made our lives so much easier and their room look so much more put together on any given day. 


The Instant Pot : My Modern Day Love Story

You want to know my honest to goodness thoughts on the instant pot

Go freaking buy one right now. Don't even read this. And before it even gets to your door, throw away your crockpot and rice cooker. This thing legit rocks my world. But if you need more convincing, I suggest reading this blog post. Hah 

Let me preface by saying I am not the best cook. I am actually quite terrible at it. So anything that helps out in that department is my best friend in the whole world. Cue instant pot. It hasn't let me down once since I bought it. Everything I have tried to make has turned out great. And so stinking easy and fast! I am going to walk you through some of my faves. 

Shredded Chicken: Having shredded chicken in your fridge is amazing cause you can throw it on a salad, eat it with beans, make tacos with it, etc etc. But the making of said shredded chicken is annoyingggg. It takes forever and I always dry it out. With the instant pot, I throw in frozen chicken breasts. (yes rock hard frozen solid not defrosted chicken breasts) with some water. (somewhere around 1/4-1/2 cup) and cook for about 10 minutes. (the time depends on how thick your chicken is. if it's not cooked all the way through, no worries, you can always just close the lid up and cook for a few minutes longer) Then when I am done I pull the chicken out and shred with my kitchen aid. I could do this step with a fork but seeing that I don't cook, this is basically the only use my kitchen aid gets and it works really well. haha. The chicken legit falls apart and is crazy juicy. It's not dry and nasty like when I do it in a crockpot or my stove. 

Soup: And not your nasty tastes like every other soup you've ever made crock pot soup. Juicy chicken and yummy flavor all in less than 30 minutes soup. I make a lot of soups where I just throw frozen chicken breasts, rinsed uncooked brown rice, chicken stock, veggies, and whatever seasoning and its amazingggg every time. I've made chili with beans and a soup with sausage, frozen cubed potatoes, and kale. Basically I have yet to mess it up. Which is huge. You just throw it all in there, push the soup button, and come back when it beeps to perfect amazing tasting soup. If you hate experimenting, there are like a frabillion recipes on pinterest and such. 

Lunch for One: It's the hardest ever to eat healthy when your a busy human. For me personally, I eat lunch when my kids are down for naps, and I am not about to waste all that precious time preparing a healthy meal. So I'll throw a chicken breast and some salsa in the Instant pot and 10 minutes later I have a healthy meal. Or you can hard boil like 87 eggs to perfection at the same time. (k not quite 87 but as many that will fit) 

Other ideas for the instant pot:
Steal cut oats super quickly
Perfect fluffy quinoa in just minutes  
Brown Rice in about 20 minutes 
You can sauté in the instant pot so basically you can throw away your stove top too. 

This isn't a sponsored post and I paid for the pot with my hard earned money and haven't regretted it for a single second. I use it at LEAST once a week (usually more around 3 or 4 times) and every time I do I want to hug it because I am just so dang grateful for it. 

I'd suggest checking it recipes on pinterest or you favorite cooking blogs and being a part of this Facebook cult.. I mean group. Haha these people are legit! They make like cheesecake and stuff in theirs. #goals 

BUY ON AMAZON I have the 6QT but if you have a big family or cook in large quantities, I would probably get the 8QT